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Help /

1) How can I join in on the web site ?
You first have to register. Click on the button "SING UP" in the upper menu and fill out the form and send it off. You will automatically get an email from the system that you have been registered. This email has a link, so you can activate your membership. After activating your membership, you can immediately log in on and join the fun for free.

2) Is the registration on for free?

3) Can I be active on for free?
Yes, most all services on the website are for free. There are a couple of limitations that have to do with how often you use certain services. The paying users (Power Members) have no limitation in their use of the site.

4) What is a basic member?
A basic member does not have a contract as a power -member. As a basic member you are eligible to be part of for free. As soon as you register, you are automatically a basic member.

5) What is a power member?
It is a member, that has signed a contract for a power membership.

6) When can I get my power membership?
At any time a basic-member can register as a power member.

7) How can I get a power membership?
Just click "POWER ACCOUNT" (left side) or "POWER INFO" (upper menu) and follow the instructions.

8) How long is the term as a power-member?
The user can choose when he or she applies for a term of 3, 6, or 12 months.

9) How can I look at my power account?
The same way as by number 7).

10) Can other people see my personal data such in as my name, email, address,
bank account number, ...?
No. This information can not be seen by any other user.

11) Why do some user names appear in light green?
If a user`s name appears in light green, it means that her or she is now online.

12) How can I write an user, apply for friendship, block or unblock a user or choose a favourite?
To do these things, you have to click on his or her profile (click Nick) and then you will find a pink box next to the profile picture. In this box there are various links. Just choose the link you need.

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